5 comments on “Old Idea, New Look

  1. HAH! I told you so!

    I didn’t like Starbuck at first, but she’s growing on me. I like her character a lot now (just finished episode 12 last night — holy cow, it was freakin’ awesome.)

    Boomer’s hot too, but maybe that’s just cuz I got a thing for Asian chicks, even the American-born Korean ones.

  2. This coming from the same guy who once told me he’s not keen on Amer-Asians cause they aren’t really all that? Puhleeze.

    I’m giving Starbuck her chance. The writing for the character is actually pretty good, right now, I just think the actress is having growing pains. I’m hoping to see her settle.

    And, while I did say you were right and this does go a long way towards making up for the debacle of you recommending that “Ghost Ship” movie, don’t get cocky. 🙂

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