Life in NC

Tidbits about what is going on with my life at a given time.

We lost Seattle last night. She was having trouble breathing and when we arrived at the emergency vets she was in severe respiratory distress. They did all they could but in the end, her sweet little heart gave out and she couldn’t stay.

In the nine years that I’ve known Seattle she and I went from hating each other to really caring and loving each other. In the last three years, she took to following me around anytime I was at home. She’d meow or trill at me and we’d have five minute conversations (more than I have with most people.) And I mean that five minutes literally. Her favorite spot was to light on my chest and purr.

Purring for Seattle became a big deal. Anytime I was in the room, she purred. None stop. She only stopped when she was asleep.

We gave her the nickname Thunderpaws because she was not the most stealthy of cats when she was just hanging out. You could hear her coming down the hallway from any room in the house.

She’d crawl on the couch next to Krista and they’d watch a movie. She wake us in the morning because it was time for food and we’d surely been asleep long enough.

She was soft, and sweet, and she loved sleeping right in the middle of our bed at the head between all the pillows. She would only drink from the buckets of water that Krista collected to take outside and use to water plants. She absolutely loved to get in the tub and drink from the bucket that Krista always kept beneath the faucet.

When we were outside during the day, she’d often sit at the screen door and watch what we were doing. I liked to hold her and stand at the window as twilight hit and watch her investigate all the movement that went on in Krista’s garden.

I have so many wonderful and fond memories of her. She’ll always hold a special place for Krista and I. We’ll always treasure those memories and think of her with a great deal of warmth and smiles.

Krista and I will miss her dearly.

PHCoverBy now those of us in the know have heard the news. For those who don’t a man I never met, but who had a profound impact on me growing up, died recently. His name was E. Gary Gygax.

I remember vividly the first time I heard the term. My cousin and I had always had wild imaginations and we often took our creativity even beyond the realms of cowboys and indians or war buddies or storm the beach at Normandy. One such visit he mentioned this game he’d heard about. I barely gave it passing notice.

One year later, (and if I gave the actual year it would seriously date me) sitting in my sophomore Math Analysis class (the prerequisite for taking calculus) I was reading a copy of Lord Foul’s Bane by Stephen R. Donaldson and the guy in front of me, Eric, turned around and struck up a conversation. He was a junior so this was sort of a big deal as he was actually deigning to talk to a sophomore. Anyway, we talked all things fantasy, my favorite was Elric of Melnibone, he was partial to Conan and the Lord of the Rings. By the end of the day he made me an offer, come down to Mark Twain Hobby and join him and some others in playing this “new” game. Continue Reading