5 comments on “The Last Train to Clarksville

  1. I never got into model trains that much. Micronauts, Star Wars, GI Joe, 6 Million Dollar Man (with the pod-shaped motorcycle and the Bigfoot with the pop-off chest), and such were more my speed.

    My dad had a bunch of old trains from way back when, but he wouldn’t let me touch them cuz they were valuable or something.

  2. [blockquote] Micronauts, Star Wars, GI Joe, 6 Million Dollar Man … and such were more my speed.[/blockquote]

    I still very fondly remember a world WITHOUT Star Wars. I never thought I’d say that but looking back I enjoyed my trains, lincoln logs and tinker toys thoroughly. Now it’s all about specialized sets of legos that can only go in one shape. No imagination there. I tell ya, in MY DAY we had toys, dagnabit!

  3. You mean th kind of toys you had to walk uphill through 6 feet of snow to the toy store to get, and then when you got there you had to hope all the paint hadn’t already peeled away from the tin or pewter, and then you had to walk uphill through 15 feet snow to get back home just you could enjoy them in front of the coal burning fireplace. That is, until the heat melted them into little tiny lumps of metallic goo.

    Yeah, THOSE toys were SWELL!

    No way, man. Give me a neon green Micronaut with floppy arms and legs and head that kept spinning around to face the ground anytime!

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