3 comments on “Darwin was Wrong

  1. This bastard does indeed need to pay for the 10 lives he took from hundreds of people.

    Only point, instead of a “free thinking” society, I’d say we are more headed to a “free feeling” society. If it feels good, do it, as concequences can always be blamed on someone else.

    Excellent post, Mr. Legion.

  2. “Free feeling” sums it up much nicer, thanks for the slogan. It gets at the heart of instaneous gratification that seems to be the second fundamental of American society these days. The first being tolerance. And before everyone thinks I’m saying we need to be intolerant, I’m not. But tolerance without moral guidance is so much hooey I can’t even begin to elaborate on the amount of idiotic crap that happens. But if someone wants me to, I will. And then you’ll hate me. 🙂

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