reVisiting Childhood – Best Show on TV

February 6, 2005

All right. Mindcr…er the Artist Formerly Known as Mindcrime, complains I have no taste in, well, anything. And that’s cool. I’m fine by that, because, see, I have taste, but my taste just runs a bit … off.

He introduced me to the new Battlestar Galactica and I’ve been watching it every week because it is that darn good. I was shocked to find that I enjoyed it so much due to the fact that a) I couldn’t stand the original Battlestar Galactica and b) Mindcrime is a snarky fool who thinks high taste in entertainment is eating fish bones.

Well, as much as I like BG, I’ve found something on TV that I like even more. I’ve seen about a dozen episodes and I’m so enamored of this show I’m going to try and track down every episode I haven’t seen.

What’s the show, you ask? Teen Titans. Watch it. It’s extremely witty, well-written, wry, dry and hilarious. The artwork is fantastic, the characterization is consistent and strong. And you know it’s good when you can’t pick a favorite character on the show because they’re all terrific.

This cartoon is top notch and definitely my favorite show currently running on the tube. I’m hooked. Check it out sometime.