4 comments on “reVisiting Childhood – Best Show on TV

  1. I haven’t seen the Teen Titans, but if Paul Dini is associated with it then that might explain why it’s so good. He’s the guy who transformed a ton of DC comic book properties into really good cartoons (all the batman movies, the batman cartoons, etc.)

    Marvel does well with live action films, generally (X-Men and Spiderman, of course; Hulk, not so much because it was so damn boring; etc.) while it seems DC does well with cartoons.

  2. Yeah, I like Batman and the Superman animations but I’m not at all crazy about the Justice League – Unlimited one, I think the writing is subpar.

    But, dude, Teen Titans rocks! You HAVE to check it out. It’s got such a wacked out sense of humor I literally laugh through a good 10 minutes of a 30 minute episode. And yet it still maintains an air of cool comic drama as well. It’s AWESOME.

  3. I too have enjoyed BG but I did really dig the original. Hey I was a kid.

    Speaking of kids, my son Will is 3 and loves Teen Titans. But he tends to get to hyper and violent after watching.

  4. 3 years old! Dude, that is freakin’ awesome.

    Yeah, I can see him getting nutty. Like his father would get whenever he had a little too much too drink. Let’s grab the stick and walk around pretending we’re terrifying! 😉

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