The Coward’s Way

February 7, 2005

Here ya go. Take a read of the Coward’s Way.

See, I love it when someone says they really do ‘love’ our country and then they sell their house and move to another country because they’ve reached the last straw. And, yeah, I see the first guy is actually a vet, a Vietnam vet no less.

But if you love this country, if you don’t like it, do something about it. That’s what the country was founded on. The idea that people, the individual, can change things, is important, can make a difference. But, you turn and run like a coward, you show your colors for what they really are. Someone who doesn’t like to have to work hard, to make sacrifices (and, it’s a hard thing to say this about a vet, believe me) to actually have to get out there and do something to awaken people’s ‘ignorance’ so to speak.

I’ve got no problems with someone disliking a president, or a senator or what not. Heck, I’m not even crazy about the current president (and I voted for John McCain) but to just chuck it all and tuck tail running? Just admit it. Don’t hide behind some semi-patriotic mumbo-jumbo.

You may love your country, but you love yourself more.