March 28, 2005

Busy week. Many prayers have been answered. God speaks volumes when you actually listen. House is finally up for sale. Now we start the process of finding our new house. WILL IT NEVER END!!!!???!!!

Our good buddy, Lutece, is offering up some very fine commentary on the recent issue of PEOs. You’ll have to check it out to know what they are.

I also received a notification today that a new dilemma has arisen. I’ve now been accepted to two graduate programs. UNC-Chapel Hill and UNC-Greensboro. It’s a good dilemma to have but which to choose.

  UNC Chapel Hill UNC Greensboro
Pros Practically Zero Commute Time
Healthy Stipend
Great Program
20 hours of On-the-job Training
Great Program
MS Degree but no thesis
No commitment other than class
Program is interested in my Fine Arts background
Cons Thesis
OJT experience requires more time commitment
No particularly interest in my Fine Arts background
At least a 1 hour, 1 way commuter time
No stipend
No On-the-job Training

Which to choose? Any offer of advice would be much appreciated.

Oh, and just so this update doesn’t go entirely to waste, Mindcrime’s dorkdom has been officially confirmed.