3 comments on “Status…Quo

  1. OJT is good for you, for when you graduate.

    the thesis is good for you because it gives you something you can potentially show around later to potential employers in your field (or not).

    and the zero commute is awesome, because if you have to commute 2 hours every day you’re going to be unbearable to lvie with and your wife won’t be happy.

    and you get a stipend.

    The Game Master has spoken. Hear and obey.

    (this is Chris, actually, I forgot to log out.)

  2. An hour commute each way begins to eat into your life and suck out your energy very, very quickly.

    Congratualtions on your acceptances, BTW!

  3. Going to Greensboro is a long drive through a lot of rural areas, an aliens LOVE to abduct people in rural areas, especially if you stray off the interstate or happen to drive at night.

    So, another thing to add, Greensboro, con: More chance for alien abduction.
    Chapel Hill, pro: Less chance for alien abduction.

    Unless anal probes are your thing, then switch ’em.

    You can ignore this if you inted to put this week’s safety tip from my blog into practice.

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