5 comments on “Growing Up in the Suburbs

  1. It was 6:30 in the morning! Not 6!! There’s a big difference!!!
    You think you’re getting old. Go rent “Some Kind of Monster” and watch former drunk bad boy James Hetfield at his young daughter’s dance class recital and see (and if you’re like JH, you need glasses now to do it) what time does to us all! I try not to look in the mirror anymore cause the guy I see with the thinning hairlinr and the gray in his moustache simply cannot be the same guy I once know drank like a fish the night before the Rose Bowl Parade in 1976 and got up half-trashed, marched 7.5 miles down a Pasadena Street and then did a full afternoon’s worth of band work without messing up or throwing up…That guys is still alive but now he needs to be in bed by 10 or so and he has been told by his doctor that getting trashed is a No No. Major bummer. I bet Hetfield and Lars get up in the morning sometimes and look at themselves in their mirrors and ask “why am I still playing violent thrash music for kids I wouldn’t even let near MY kids?”
    St. Anger? Try St. Aspirin!

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