Time is Not on My Side

February 28, 2005

Another week gone by. You know those automatic counters that they have for telethons and the powerball winner and the national deficit where you get to watch the tally as it rises or falls? I keep thinking I should have one of those for my weekly sleep debt. It would read something like this:

Approximate Weekly Sleep Requirement: 60 hours
Actual Weekly Sleep Attained: 24 hours


Saw an article this morning. I found this particular paragraph very interesting:

Liberals might one day conclude that while most Americans value autonomy, they do not want a procedural republic in which patriotism, religion, socialization, and traditional values are politically declared out of bounds. Many Americans notice that liberalism nowadays lacks a vocabulary of right and wrong, declines to discuss virtue except in snickering terms, and seems increasingly hostile to prevailing moral sentiments.

Of course if you liberals sleep better than either the conservatives or those of us who claim to be conservative independents, maybe I’ll jump ship.