4 comments on “Caught Out in that Crossfire

  1. Best post evar! (At least, this year).

    And it wasn’t MONKEYs, you illiterate muscle-bound exercise whore, it was APES. There is a difference you know.

  2. Thanks, man, I appreciate it.

    And, I know there is a difference. I also knew that you would point out that fact which is why I put monkeys, you ramapithecine.

  3. Great song, Legion… I’m a little younger than you (34) but it still pulled up some vague and not so vague remembrances.

    Also, for some reason it sort of reminded me of Springsteen. 🙂

    Do you suppose we “crazy” NFP’s are more nostalgic than other types?

  4. Thanks, Ari.

    I love this song, can’t believe it went by so long since I last listened to it.

    And the Alarm was mid 80s so it wouldn’t surprise me if they had Springsteen as an influence, although it would have been a trans-atlantic influence.

    I’m not sure we NFPs are more nostaligic, there’s a certain T I know (whose name shall remain hidden) that pines a lot for one thing or another. 😉

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