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  1. I appreciate your review of the film Mike, as I went to see it this past weekend as well. I admit that I wasn’t blown away by the film overall. I thought Hemsworth gave a good performance, and like you, I was really expecting more to happen between his character and the tribal leader because they were so good together in their brief scene. That actress had a real sorrow to her eyes as she empathized with the Huntsman.
    As for Kristen Stewart, though I agree that she added a sincerity and an innocence to certain scenes that wasn’t childish but felt genuine, I did feel she fell way short in the third act of the film when she had to become this revolutionary leader to lead the people against Theron. She wasn’t believable which I think falls on the fact that she just doesn’t have the range to pull off the transition from innocence to becoming this fairy tale Che Guevara. She pulled it off to keep the film afloat, but nothing really memorable.
    I did think Theron did a great job in this, but I also feel the writing hampered the Queen character. The scene of her first kill, the King, was excellent and she actually became quite scary. But the rest of the film had her in very stationary positions making faces or howling to the air. Like, yeah she’s menacing. But she sure doesn’t do much. Lol!

  2. Yo, dude! As always, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I don’t pay much attention to mainstream reviews but with Stewart it’s hard not to because of how polarizing she seems to be (specifically with those aforementioned ‘vampire’ stories.) I still think she took the movie. Theron was way too over-the-top for me to really appreciate the work – did it work for the story? – sure, but it bordered caricature way too often and when it fully tipped into that realm it was just cringe worthy.

    So, when Stewart’s next movie (after vampires) comes out and I need someone to drag to theatre with me, I know who to call. And no, it ain’t the ghostbusters.

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