Top Ten Novels (update 2012)

June 2, 2012

UPDATE: Near ten years has gone by. Many more books read. So some are getting bumped.

Another Top Ten List.

  1. The Book of the New Sun – Gene Wolfe
  2. The Book of the Dun Cow – Walter Wangerin Jr.
  3. The Warhound and the World’s Pain – Michael Moorcock
  4. Neuromancer – William Gibson
  5. Wolverine – Chris Claremont and Frank Miller
  6. The Black Company – Glen Cook
  7. One Hundred Years of Solitude – Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  8. The Foundation Trilogy – Issac Asimov
  9. Coriolanus – Shakespeare
  10. Gates of Fire – Stephen Pressfield

Honorable mentions: A Clockwork Orange РAnthony Burgess (5:2003)The Ililad and the Odyssey РHomer (technically a poem, sue me. 10:2003) Ulysses РJames Joyce (9: 2003), The Last Temptation of Christ РNikos Kazantzakis (6: 2003), Slaughterhouse 5 РKurt Vonnegut, The Sun also Rises РErnest Hemingway, Les Liaisons Dangereuses РChoderlos de Laclos, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliver РStephen R. Donaldson, The Fifth Head of Cerberus РGene Wolfe
*Not in any particular order.

NOTE: For 2012 I decided to add any literary medium that was formative for me. Hence some of the more ‘classic’ pieces being bumped to honorable mention.