3 comments on “Metal Power

  1. No wonder you are not particular about sound quality! You listen to heavy metal, which is little more than random noise, and impervious to the nuances of quality sound. Turn it up loud and it all sounds fine, especially since your hearing has been numbed/damaged. Bang your head against the nearest solid object and it sounds even better. Bonus point for hurtling your entire body into something or someone!


  2. Random Noise? Some people would say classical music is random noise or jazz is random noise. It’s all in the development of the ear. I can pick up extreme subtleties in the best of metal just like I can with classical and jazz.

    Thanks for stopping by and maybe I’ll bring you a CD with some true head banging metal on it for ya.

  3. I’ll give it a shot. But if I damage myself you are held responsible.

    Saw a Gilbert and Sullivan show at the Arts Center tonight. Couldn’t understand a darn thing of the operatic singing, but we enjoyed it anyway.


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