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  1. I was Chrisha’s fiancĂ© at the time of the crash. I found your entry after I Googled her name. I don’t know why I do it, as it is inevitably an exercise in masochism, but this time it wasn’t. I’d forgotten her “irritation noise” among, I am terrified to acknowledge, an increasing number of other things about her. Every day I wake up, before I even reach for my glasses, I have to confront the knowledge that I’ll never see her again. It burns away a piece of my soul each time. Thank you for making it a little easier, if only for a while.

    • Legion, can you please call me!
      I am working on a story where I hope to honor Chrisha’s memory.
      I can be reached at 816-589-7857.
      Thanks for your help!!!

  2. Jeff,

    Thank you for stopping in and sharing. I remember you. Chrisha had talked about you quite a bit in our phone conversations. I actually seem to recall that we may met once (don’t remember where or when though) that may just be because of how much she talked about you.

    My words are but a trifling compared to the loss you and her parents feel. I still think about her often, always fondly, especially when I’m on the set of a play during tech week or I hear a certain song. Stop by any time to share stories. Her memory is a joy to share.

    Take care.

  3. As the holidays approach for 11th time since our daughters died, it warms my soul to see that they are remembered. Rose Kennedy: “It is said, time heals all wounds, but I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue. The pain lessens, but it is never gone.”

  4. Helen,

    Thank you so much for stopping by. Chrisha gave so much of herself in life that I hope, in some small way, this lets everyone know who and what she was.

    I miss her all the time and I can’t fathom how much you must miss her.

    She touched many lives. I don’t want that to be forgotten.

  5. Would you share with me who you are? What you wrote about Chrisha tells me you knew her very well. We hear from her friends often and it means so much for them to share their stories of her with us.

  6. I was friends with Chrisha while we were at Mizzou. Her roommate, Dani, and I were good friends in high school, so I got to know her through Dani. She was one of a kind, always ready with a smile or a joke, one of my favorite college memories was of a dance the three of us went to one Saturday night,. And I always knew when she and Dani had gone out because the next morning, you could see their clothes hanging out the window (to air out the cigarette smoke!). Quite a sight. I am smiling as I remember this, and now I am in tears. For whatever reason, I decided to Google Chrisha a few months ago to see if I could find out where she was. I was so shocked and saddened to learn her and Brenna’s fate. I remember her talking about her sister-she loved her very much. My heart goes out to her parents. Please know that this is one more person that knew and will miss your daughter.

  7. A Facebook friend tonight posted something about the Brenna Siebert Adoption Days at the Jefferson City Animal Shelter, which made me search Chrisha’s name for the first time in years. Odd…I have been thinking about her quite a bit in recent days for some reason.

    Thanks for writing your post, Legion. You clearly met the same Chrisha I knew and Jeff loved (hey there Jeff). I didn’t know her terribly well, but well enough to be shell-shocked when the news came, then forever saddened by her loss. She was one of the beautiful souls.

    For several years, while I still lived in the area, I would go put flowers on Chrisha & Brenna’s graves every July. You’re right; it’s a lovely spot.

    Again, thanks for your post and the memories it’s fostering.

  8. Another year gone by and it still makes my heart ache.

    Then they drag it out again. Was it or wasn’t it?

    The answer is still the same though. You’re not here.

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