5 comments on “Fun with Red Meat and Other Things

  1. When my aunt and mom were here a few weeks ago, we took them to them to the new Outback Steakhouse. My aunt, who cannot stand raw or rare or red meat, sliced open her burger (which she ordered well done) and lo and behold there was a pink center. So, we summoned the manager over, showed it to her, and asked her to recook it. The manager had the temerity to stand there and tell us it wasn’t pink in the slightest. My aunt stuck to her guns, the burger was whisked off and half an hour later the manager brought it back. As she was putting the plate down she said, “I’m sorry, lady, but I have to tell you – we looked at your burger back in the kitchen and it was well done, not pink like you said. It doesn’t matter tho, because we cooked you a new anyway.”

    I was like, “what the hell?!”

    Me, I like ’em red. Knock off the horns, wipe its ass, and serve it.

  2. This has absolutely nothing to do with your post, but: I’ve tried emailing you from both my Comcast account and my old Gloryroad account and both of them gave me very bizarre errors: “sorry,_that_domain_isn’t_allowed_to_be_relayed_thru_this_MTA”

    Perhaps you’ve done something to offend the gods of Comcast?

    Anyway, that thing you sent for me to look at was particularly cool. The writer(s) are doing a phenomenal job(s).

  3. Hey Alex,

    It was probably because we were moving the servers and the DNS hadn’t yet populated where you were. Or possibly we’ve somehow landed on their anti-spam list, don’t know why.

    Try it again, email seems to be working fairly smoothly now.

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