Fun with Red Meat and Other Things

May 2, 2005

I love to eat red meat. Don’t do it all the time as too much of anything is bad for you but I’m so far from being a vegetarian that I can’t help but drool when a good steak is sizzling on the grill. MMM-MMM good.

Anyway, my wife likes here meat cooked Medium. So the other day I’m grilling out and I hand her the steak I’ve prepared for her, a nice good cut of London Broil. She cuts into it too find this and says, “Oh my gosh, this is rare.”

I hand her mine. “Sweetheart, that is Medium at best. THIS is rare.”

How people can charbroil their steaks is beyond me. I wanna hear mine moo when I take a knife to it.

And on another note, Mindcrime and I are fond readers of Get Fuzzy. Very funny comic. Mindcrime is convinced that I’m Bucky the Cat and our Buddy Lutece is Satchel the dog. It couldn’t be illustrated any better in the strip that was up a few days ago. Well, at least it clears up that we now know what Lutece is doing in his spare time.