Head Spinning

April 21, 2005

So much to do and so little time. Moving is nerve wracking. Anyone every notice that? I mean all the blasted paperwork, the little fees that crop up here and there, the wondering if it will appraise or pass inspection you’d think that the world would learn lessons and never do this.

That’s right, park your butt in one locale and live with it the rest of your life. Suck it up.

On another note, I’m thinking of starting a fund raiser for the Save Mindcrime movement. It would seem that there is a certain matriarchal monkey in Mindcrime’s life that is making mad monkey hell for he and his wife’s life with the new baby. Apparently this Matriarchal Manipulater of Madness is such that she ends every arguement with the phrase “China 5000 YEARS!” You see, in her world, China has been around this long and if you fail to listen to her wisdom you are a stupid westerner and deserve to rot in the 10,000 Fires of Gehenna (or whatever passes for Hell to them.) So, I want to raise money to help get Janice, Baby Molly and ol’ Mindcrime back here to the states where he can put an ocean of beautiful blue wetness between him and this Moose.

So send all checks to me, c/o The Save Mindcrime Foundation. Donations of less than $10 are a complete waste of time so don’t even bother, you cheap skate. Oh, and we’ll take cash too.