Count It!

April 6, 2005

Well, folks, the votes are in, the tally has been made and the vote has been officially cast. I dropped off my acceptance letter today at the Graduate school of choice and to the department. So, I’m now officially a grad student (again) at (drum roll please):

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Thanks to all for their advice, posted or not. Here’s to the future!

And on another note, over on Krista’s page, you can see shots of the house we’re currently trying to buy. We’re hoping to put a bid on it this week. There are a few things about the house we’re going to need to rennovate but there are also so many cool things about it that I can’t even begin to describe. Number one on the list of cool things? I can step outside and run anywhere between 2-6 miles with narry a worry about traffic AND I take a left at the end of our street and I’m in the country for great cycling. How cool is that?