I’m “IT”

May 2, 2008

Tagged by Fallout. Since I’ve only got time for something like this I thought I’d better update my blog while I had a chance.

Two names I go by: Michael, Legion

Two things I am wearing right now: Chapel Hill Comics baseball hat, t-shirt

Two of my favorite things to do: RPG, Film

Two things I want very badly at the moment: Sleep, Patience

Two favorite pets I’ve had: Marlowe, Rhianna and Seattle (it’s a tie)

Two things I did last night: Worked, Vegged in front of the TV for all of 15 minutes

Two things I ate today: Ensure, String cheese

Two people I last talked to: Krista, Katy

Two longest car rides: St. Charles, Mo to Carlisle, PA and St. Charles, Mo to Fayetteville, NC

Two favorite beverages: Guinness and Scotch

Sadly, I’m not tagging anyone as no one reads my blog anyway.