4 comments on “The Blood of Heroes

  1. This is one of best cult classic movies of all time. The only problem is it’s a cult classic that doesn’t know it’s a cult classic, which means nobody else knows it’s a cult classic either.

    The Corman Principal that dictates the propogation of cult classic movies seems to have eluded Blood of Heroes. Oh, hey, there’s something I could talk about on my blog.

  2. Yeah, and I notice on your blog what a chicken $hit you are, don’t enable comments so no one can put your sorry butt in its place. 😛

    You were right about one thing over there though, you’ve got NOTHING to say.

  3. Nah, the only reason I don’t enable comments is because my URL is flagged in the spambot programs and the comments section will get filled with adverts for Viagra and Casinos.

    Besides, you get to tell me your unabashed opinion on iChat all the time.

  4. That is SUCH a copout. I have them enabled. I don’t get flooded with blogs. You just have to know how to set up the right permissions and it REALLY ain’t rocket science.


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