The Blood of Heroes

September 10, 2006

Blood of HeroesIt’s been years since I’d seen this movie. After tonight it won’t be another 15 years before I see it again. On a whim I added this a while ago to my netflix queue and it came yesterday. I convinced my wife to sit down and watch it with me and I gotta tell ya, not only did it take me back to the halycon college years of all night gaming sessions and taco bell runs, it made me remember what I like about movies.

The plot is simple, a group of juggers in a post-apacolyptic world journey to the ‘nine cities’ to join a skull match in the arena and make a name for themselves. But the movie is all good. Debuts by Joan Chen and a young Vincent D’Nofrio (a huge favorite actor of mine) and a phenomenal performance by the every evocative Rutger Hauer make this movie a pulse pounding, hard as nails film. With homages to Mad Max and Rollerball this movie doesn’t just borrow from its sources, it takes them and runs with them.

I love this movie. I’m going to find me a copy of this movie and own it. I just hope I can get it in widescreen rather than pan-and-cram.

Excellent must see movie for anyone who is a fan of sci-fi genre films.