5 comments on “That Invisible Nemesis Strikes Again!

  1. Have you really considered how Shakespeare’s England would smell? Of course, I imagine that pirates were handsome and bathed regularly. Oh, well.

  2. Yeah, yeah. I really have thought about that but my olfactory senses aren’t that great. I just happen to love this period of literature. Call me deluded, but if I could hang out with Marlowe, et al. that would ROCK!

  3. Well, if we couldn’t romanticize the past, where would Hollywood be today? Methinks I would not pass up a flagon of mead with The Bard either.

  4. Four jobs you’ve had in your life: Teachers Aide for Autistic Boy, Science Teacher, In-School Suspension Teacher, Soccer Coach.

    Four movies you could watch over and over: Seven Samurai, The Lord of the Rings, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Braveheart

    Four places you’ve lived: Raymore, Mo. Kansas City, Mo. (in the hood) Independence, Mo. Columbia, Mo.

    Four TV shows you love to watch: Lost, Battlestar Galactica (new), My Name is Earl, Survivor

    Four places you’ve been on vacation: Ireland (2 weeks) Bahamas (3 times) West Palm Beach, Fl Puerto Viarta(?sp)

    Four websites you visit daily: Iwon, http://www.raypec.k12.mo.us (Freshman Center) http://www.mlsnet.com, Fark.

    Four of your favorite foods: Indian. Steak (rare). Kansas City BBQ. Guinness best in Dublin with a pregnant wife who gives you her free beer

    Four places you’d rather be: Plum Lake, Wisconsin. West Palm Beach, Ireland, Any World Cup Match.

    Four albums you can’t live without: Operation Mindcrime (Queensryche), Live at Folsom Prison (Johnny Cash), Moving Pictures (Rush), Catfish Rising (Jethro Tull)

    Four to pass this meme along to: I don’t

  5. Oh my god ….I forgot….Judas Priest the whole darn box set.

    I have only sung “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'” about 50 times in Karayoke.

    Yes, I am damn good.

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