The Eye of Ra!

August 30, 2005

A few weeks ago I one a contest over at the site of the Unseen Blogger. As a reward, I was bequeathed with one of the most awesome artifacts of the ancient and/or modern world. The astounding Eye of Ra!

Below is a picture of me utilizing this great and powerful object to coerce my wife into picking up the digital camera and aiming it in my direction. A feat that, until this moment, was though impossible.

Eye of Ra

So, beware. I now have this object in my hands. I will pledge that with great power comes great responsibility. And so, my first act (after the manipulation of my wife to work the camera eye) is to convince Mindcrime to take a shower. PhewwwwEEEEEEE!

The safety of the world as we know it is now one step closer to reality.