Who’s Who

I’ve gotten a wild hair up me arse and decided I wanted to write some things about friends of mine. The list isn’t horrendously long (if you know me you know why) but since all of these folks have had, at the very least, a large impact on who I am today I thought it might be a nice homage to give them each their own little official Constuct biography. None of the ‘constuctologies’ will be particular long, some shorter than other’s but whatever the case, all of them rank at the top.

So, that said, we’ll start with Ben. No reason why really, but we must start somewhere.

My friendship with Ben started back in the spring of ’98. I’d seen him fall of ’97 in a rather dull production of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and Ben was the one big standout in the show, despite the fact that he was playing one of the players (they’re mostly mute.) So in ’98 when I was involved in a production of Richard II and Richard III in rep, I sought Ben out to get him in the show.

The rest as they say, is history (that pun will become apparent later when I caption the photo in this post.) Continue Reading