Yes, I play them. Yes, I’m getting old. I still have a blast.

For the last few years I’ve been secretly harboring a video game hobby playing third-person isometric aRPGs. This is my first post about that.

This is about Last Epoch, a game currently in open beta by Eleventh Hour Games and is my first original build that I felt I could stick my neck out and share without completely embarrassing myself. It was done with the help of many folks on the Last Epoch forum, unbeknownst to them, as I read and research a lot to try, tweak and tap different elements of the game in the quest.

I am a tried and true, die-hard, melee sword and shield fanatic, though this build uses an axe (when cosmetics start to arrive this will immediately get changed to look like a sword.)

Here goes nothing. Below you will find the skills and the passives. I’ve taken the build all the way through MoF except the three lvl 100 areas. I’m tackling that soon.

Things missing: a few remaining passives as I am still leveling the character. Will most likely be going toward more damage as the build is already quite tanky. Damage currently is averaging about 12k-16k from Rive and the third strike always criting. And with our attack speed we’re hitting that about 3 times every 2 1/2 seconds.

And just fyi, right now my gear is WAY overturned for defense. I’ve got like 140% resistance on everything.

The new skill Shield Bash is really fun and we use it as a supplemental buff mostly when we’re tackling elites or bosses.

For what it is worth, here is the gear I am currently wearing though I did not add in all the specific prefixes and suffixes I’ve taken. Gear Planner

Gary last year, Dave this year. Everything I’ve seen from 4th edition makes me yearn for the old days. But now those old days are leaving us to. Time marches on, the dice role, and somewhere out there swords are clashing.

So long, Dave. Thanks for giving your best. Rest in peace.

PHCoverBy now those of us in the know have heard the news. For those who don’t a man I never met, but who had a profound impact on me growing up, died recently. His name was E. Gary Gygax.

I remember vividly the first time I heard the term. My cousin and I had always had wild imaginations and we often took our creativity even beyond the realms of cowboys and indians or war buddies or storm the beach at Normandy. One such visit he mentioned this game he’d heard about. I barely gave it passing notice.

One year later, (and if I gave the actual year it would seriously date me) sitting in my sophomore Math Analysis class (the prerequisite for taking calculus) I was reading a copy of Lord Foul’s Bane by Stephen R. Donaldson and the guy in front of me, Eric, turned around and struck up a conversation. He was a junior so this was sort of a big deal as he was actually deigning to talk to a sophomore. Anyway, we talked all things fantasy, my favorite was Elric of Melnibone, he was partial to Conan and the Lord of the Rings. By the end of the day he made me an offer, come down to Mark Twain Hobby and join him and some others in playing this “new” game. Continue Reading