Intense? My #$%

December 4, 2003

The “I” Factor

Okay, all tongue and cheek aside, I’m known for being a bit intense and intimidating at times. I can appreciate that from other people’s stand points I’m a bit much too swallow. But I have some news for folks, something that’s a deep kept secret that only my closest friends (and my wife) have ever really taken the time to find out.

I actually respect a good strong opinion even if it’s diametrically opposed to my own. Yes, it’s true. Someone may not feel that way because I’m going to defend my own opinion quite emphatically but would you really want someone to have an opinion and not completely defend it? That’d sort of be like having a family and then only deciding to feed them and provide for them half the time.

One thing, however, that I just cannot abide is when someone takes issue with me and gripes to everyone about it but to me. This ranks amongst the lowest of cowardly acts, in my opinion. If you take issue and if it’s a strong enough issue that it’s causing you to bitch and moan to other people about it, I firmly believe you’ll get the issue resolved quicker if you come to the source. That’s how I approach life. If I have a problem with Person A, I don’t whine about it to Person B. I go to Person A and deal with the issue. But many people would prefer to go to Person B, Person C, and Person D and never ever address the root. That be like a doctor operating on your sister and your brother to remove your cancer. Stupid.

So, the next time you really have a problem with someone, talk to them about it. Don’t go to their friends. Talk to the source. I guarantee, it’ll get resolved quicker even if it’s just to agree to disagree, and you won’t have to carry around the cowardice of a bitchy attitude.