An actor must always be learning, always striving to better themselves, always working at their craft, fine-tuning, trying new things, divesting themselves of old things. This is the NATURE of the actor.

However, when you step onto a set, playtime is over, lesson time is over. Don’t get me wrong at the end of the day you should definitely look back and reflect on what worked, what you might take from the day, what you can do better, that sort of thing but that’s at the end of the day. But what you can’t do is spend the day on my set ‘practicing.’

This is tantamount to a surgeon stepping up to take out your kidney and saying to the nurse, “I read about this new way to tie-off sutures yesterday in my most recent journal. I’m going to try it out on this patient.” Continue Reading


Nice image, huh? Did you check out the song? Isn’t it fantastic! Like the best, rockinest song of all time!!!!! YAY!

See, my dear, dear friend Chris Jones years ago decided since he was playing this over and over again in his CD player (yes, little ones, BEFORE mp3 players) that he must share. So he packaged this up and shipped it straight away (with two others) all the way from Taiwan. Yes. All. The. Way.

So enjoy and if you find yourself reaching for the ear-sized drill (I find a 5/8th bit works best) don’t say I didn’t warn you.



sentinelsI never liked riding in limousines. It was uncomfortable, like the first time you get your teeth cleaned after two years. Even after all the time I’d spent in them it never got any easier. Today was really no different.

Except for the fact that after today no one would feel the same again.

Except for the fact that I was missing the last six weeks of my life.

Except for the fact that I was on my way to bury my best friend.

The drive was interminable. A short six miles from my home. It felt like six hundred. Continue Reading