I got tagged again by the Unseen Blogger. And since I have very little to say on my own these days I might as well take advantage of free content. If I repeat anything it’s either because a) my mind is fried and I can think anyway or b) I meant to for emphasis. Yeah, that’s a good excuse. Besides, sometimes they’re actually fun.

7 Things That Scare Me
Spiders (you should see the size of spiders in the Panamanian Jungle YEESH)
Oct 22. 2005
Water when you can’t see the bottom
The Enemy

7 Things I like most
My Wife
My Friends
My Bed
My Bike
My Alone Time
My Imagination

7 Most important things in my room
Reading Light

7 Random facts about me
I don’t like people, I like individuals
I’m a very intense person
I spent four years in the 82nd Airborne and the 101st Airborne (Currahee!)
I’m missing part of my right pinky finger
Despite number three I’m TERRIFIED of heights
When I was in fourth grade I used to climb walls in school and pretend I was Spiderman
I’m an INFP.

7 Things I plan(hope) to do before I die

Serve the Glory of God
Help my wife fulfill her dreams
Read Finnigan’s Wake
Dog Sled the Yukon
The Death Valley Cup
Write a Novel
Compete in the Hawaii Ironman World Championship

7 Things I can do
Swim/Bike/Run a looonnnnggggg time (Ironman! RAWWRRRR!)
Be Loyal
Create an Epic Roleplaying Scenario

7 Things I can’t do
Run fast
Keep my temper
Fix the Plumbing
Stomach Network TV
Drink more than 1 Beer
Find Time
Quote the Bible

7 Words I say the most
Now (the last three are usually said together.)

7 Celeb crushes (Not crushes like dreamy little fan boy stuff, but in no particular order those I find most attractive…right now)
Helen Mirren
Jennifer Connelly
Michelle Yeoh
Frances McDormand
Heather Gollnick
Natalie Portman
Krista Babbitt

7 People tagged:
Mindcrime (who will whine incessantly about it and make snide comments)
Lutece (who will whine more than Mindcrime and probably won’t read this)
Allyson (who I’m sure doesn’t read this)
Martel (who I KNOW doesn’t read this)
Krista (who may read this)
Hippie (just cause :))
Terry (who hasn’t read anything in who knows how long)

Pick 3

Today I was driving to a study session when I suddenly started thinking about things that have truly changed our lives, better or worse. So what do you think were the three most influential inventions of the 20th century?

Here’s mine.

The Airplane: The earth suddenly became a lot less ‘vast’ then it used to be and the airplane has been the single greatest influence on this. It has also brought about globalization, which you can argue is either good or bad.

The Atomic Bomb: Nearly half of the last century was spent in the grips of the threat of nuclear war. Even in this century it continues to be a major political hot bed. And in splitting the atom we have brought about a source of energy so immense, it’s like having a personal sun right here in our own back yard.

The Computer: I was going to say internet but then without computers we wouldn’t have the internet so the computer it is. This little device has done more for just about every other aspect of science, art and life then I think all the others that will grace this list combined. Computers have exponentially given us the ability to advance many aspects of our life to such a degree that 20 years ago many things we have shuffled off to the realm of scifi are now reality.

So there you have it. Let me hear from you what you think. Feel free to agree or disagree with any choice on the list but be sure to include the three you would pick.

At the end, maybe I’ll take the best of all and post in one big long blogitorial.