Yes, I play them. Yes, I’m getting old. I still have a blast.

Gary last year, Dave this year. Everything I’ve seen from 4th edition makes me yearn for the old days. But now those old days are leaving us to. Time marches on, the dice role, and somewhere out there swords are clashing.

So long, Dave. Thanks for giving your best. Rest in peace.

PHCoverBy now those of us in the know have heard the news. For those who don’t a man I never met, but who had a profound impact on me growing up, died recently. His name was E. Gary Gygax.

I remember vividly the first time I heard the term. My cousin and I had always had wild imaginations and we often took our creativity even beyond the realms of cowboys and indians or war buddies or storm the beach at Normandy. One such visit he mentioned this game he’d heard about. I barely gave it passing notice.

One year later, (and if I gave the actual year it would seriously date me) sitting in my sophomore Math Analysis class (the prerequisite for taking calculus) I was reading a copy of Lord Foul’s Bane by Stephen R. Donaldson and the guy in front of me, Eric, turned around and struck up a conversation. He was a junior so this was sort of a big deal as he was actually deigning to talk to a sophomore. Anyway, we talked all things fantasy, my favorite was Elric of Melnibone, he was partial to Conan and the Lord of the Rings. By the end of the day he made me an offer, come down to Mark Twain Hobby and join him and some others in playing this ‘new’ game. Continue Reading

I wish to start my making a proclamation that all of this is primarily Jonathan Walton’s fault. Blame him for everything I am about to say that has been done before and yet I remain ignorant of it.

I also wish to state that the above paragraph is a lie, bald faced that is, and that it’s my own hyperactive brain that thinks “look it me, I’ll invent a brand new idea!” and yet, anyone who reads this I beg you to free me from this absurd notion and point out places in the fringe that have surely already come up with these ideas and moved on to other things.

During our gaming session last night, near the end, things had really begun to roll (no pun intended) nicely. The story was moving along wonderfully, all of the player’s imaginations seemed to be captured by everything that was being unveiled. The key point that jumpstarted this topic was the fact that nearly half of what began to come out of my mouth was utterly on the fly and completely startling (in a enthusiastically enjoyable way) to me. Developments in the story just seemed to take on their own life. For now, and for the sake of this writing, we’ll give this specific environment of role-playing a nifty new name, like, um, invivo (we can talk about my pretentiousness another time.) Continue Reading